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Activities & Upcoming Events
Please check NYDEC regulations on species prior to fishing
Next General Meeting
Date:  Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Time:  8:00 pm
Location:  Huntington Elks, 195 Main Street, Huntington, NY

Guest Speaker : To Be Announced

Our 2014 Events Calendar and Derby Sign-up sheets are now posted on the website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reminder : You should have received your dues invoice already. Please pay them on time. Thank you.

2014 Derby Sign-Up Form
Spring Fishing Trip
Sunday, June 1, 2014
Where:  Celtic Quest out of Port Jefferson 
Full day trip targeting fluke and porgy

$70.00 adults,  $60.00 children 
Beverages and tip included
Limited space available, first come first serve
See Mark Weitman to sign up and pay

Event Recaps

Annual Awards Dinner
Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Huntington Anglers Awards Dinner was once again held at the Northport Yacht Club.  As in years past, they served great food and threw a wonderful party.  There were over 70 people attending this function which not only recognizes the members who were fortunate enough to win an award but also kicks off the beginning of another great season.

President Mark Weitman and George Valentine did an excellent job in presenting all the awards and making the evening interesting.  The many plaques, mugs, and beautiful red cooler bags were set up on the awards table.  The winners were a mix of men, women, and children who were met with a round of applause and the sound of cameras clicking.

We all were given a special treat when Lily Reilly accepted her award with a smile that lit up the room.  Besides the monthly and derby awards, there were some special awards presented which were also very well deserved.  The Sportsmanship Awards were presented to Mary Lou Amilicia and Bob McDowell for all their hard work.  Lifetime Membership Awards were presented to Jon Petraitis and Wayne Hillen for their many years of membership and service.  It took a while, but Ed Parkinson finally improved his fishing skills and received the most improved angler award.  There was also a new Angler Of The Year crowned. This year there was a battle between the reigning champ, Jon Petraitis, and a new force to be reckoned with, Gordon Johnson.  Fish for fish, and pound for pound, this was one heck of a battle!  Gordon Johnson managed to win the battle and was crowned the Angler Of the Year.

Events like this wouldn't be possible without the help of many of our members.  Special thanks to Frank Neiskens for his sponsorship, Pete Misilewich for organizing the event, Jon Brako for greeting us all at the registration table with a smile, Richard Gong for taking many wonderful pictures, George Valentine for obtaining all the plaques and handing them out, and last but not least President Mark Weitman for obtaining all the monthly prize coolers as well as helping George with the presentations.  Good luck to everyone, and hope to see your name on one or more of the awards this season!

Atlantic City Bus Trip
Sunday, March 2, 2014

The club's annual bus trip to Atlantic City was held on Sunday, March 2, 2014. It was the perfect way to battle cabin fever during the long winter months!  Once again, we had a full bus.  Everyone met on time at the park and ride in Melville and by 8:00am the trip had begun.  We were all greeted with a complimentary bagel and coffee to start the day's festivities.  Soon after, the bingo cards were handed out and the gambling began!  Bingo kept everyone occupied and made the trip seem even shorter than it already was. Everyone left the bus with great expectations, hoping that they would be lucky enough to come home a winner.  The most popular game of the day seemed to be Roulette, followed closely by Craps and the slots.  A bunch of us met at the buffet for lunch for a well needed break, and in some cases to stop the bleeding!  Everyone returned to the gaming rooms with a full belly for the second half of the day.  As the deadline approached and the time to board the bus neared, some people were seen cashing in their winnings at the cashier booths.  The big winners of the day were Anthony and Big Ed who refused to lose. The ride home began with everyone singing while the bus driver flashed the interior lights, creating a disco dance club scene!  Some fell right to sleep while others watched a movie. It was said that Pete's movie selection last year was the worst ever.  Much to his delight, this year's wasn't much better.  The person who picked it out knows who they are.....Right, Cathy?

A big thanks to Scott Menzies for organizing the trip, and to Cathy Weitman and her friend Kelly for the coffee, bagels, homemade muffins, and trail mix.  Thanks to Fran Gong for calling the bingo games, Kevin Bradbury for bringing the beer and water and to John Trojan for all of his help. Our bus driver, Derek, also did a great job-- getting us all home safely. Thankfully, the much anticipated snow storm never developed.  Win or lose, a good time was had by all!

Christmas Party
Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our annual Christmas party was held on Sunday, December 15th at the Huntington Elks Club. Many members and their families were in attendance. Once again, it proved to be one of the clubs signature events. The food supplied by all the members was not only appealing to the eye, but also very tasty! It was clear that a lot of time and effort was put into each dish. The DJ was great and made sure that the dance floor was full the whole night. Santa didn't let the children down and made his annual appearance, even though he has a very busy schedule at this time of year. The annual raffle was held and the winners were announced.

Events like this would not be possible without the help of our members. First of all, a big thank you to our President Mark Weitman and the First Lady, Cathy. They were involved in every aspect of the party from start to finish. Thanks to Bob Vandenburgh who showed up with the key, and to everyone who set up the room in record time. Thanks to Pete and Lisa Misilewich for collecting all the raffle tickets at the door. Thanks to Marilyn Stevenson who, along with her little helpers, made sure all the tickets went into the the raffle drum.  Thanks to Don Stevenson who coordinated the food along with his helpers John Trojan, Cathy Weitman, Mary Lou Amilicia, and Lisa and Tom Catalonotto. Thanks to Fran Gong who once again lit up the dance floor and taught line dances to everyone. Thanks to Rich Gong who took pictures throughout the evening so we could enjoy them on the website. Thanks to Fuzzy Bob Leicht and Scott Menzies for putting all the raffle prizes together. Thanks to Eugene Michalek who beat his own record from last year and sold the most raffle tickets. Thanks to Santa who brought many smiles to the room. Thanks to Ed Parkinson who helped Santa put all the candy bags together. Thanks to Tom LoVerso who took pictures of everyone on Santa's lap. Thanks to Mark and Cathy Weitman and Lisa Misilewich for creating the beautiful baskets that were raffled off that evening. Thanks to Scott Menzies who worked the room with his rendition of Sweet Caroline. Thanks to any one else that helped in some way that was not listed. Christmas is the time of year to be thankful and we the members of the Huntington Anglers Club should be very thankful... We should be thankful that we have a club that is getting stronger every year and a club that continues to be build friendships that last a lifetime. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to all!!

Four-Way Fishing Derby
Friday, October 4, 2013 - Sunday, October 6,2013

Our fall fishing derby with Mill River Rod & Gun Club, Oyster Bay Anglers Club, and the Harbor Boating Club was held Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6, 2013.  The breakfast was hosted by the Harbor Boating Club at 9:00am and the weigh-in followed at 10:00am. They did a great job and the food was delicious. The Huntington Anglers had possession of the plaque and were determined to keep it.  A great effort from our club members made sure that we would be successful.  Congratulations once again to the Huntington Anglers Club!!!!

Here is a list of the winning fish and the total points.

1st place- Harry Larsen, H.A.C. 15.34 lbs.
2nd place- Scott Menzies, H.A.C. 13.60 lbs.
3rd place- Mark Weitman, H.A.C. 13.58 lbs. / Fuzzy Bob Leicht H.A.C.

Striped Bass:
1st place- George Josberger, Mill River 11.15 lbs.
2nd place- no entry
3rd place- no entry

1st place- Ed Wheelan, H.A.C. 3.05 lbs.
2nd place- Bill Morrison, H.A.C. 2.82 lbs.
3rd place- Mark Weitman, H.A.C. 2.60 lbs.

Sea Bass:
1st place- Len Lacasio, H.A.C. 4.76 lbs.
2nd place- John Petraitis, H.A.C. 3.52 lbs.
3rd place- Mark Weitman, H.A.C. 2.60 lbs.

Huntington Anglers Club: 18
Mill River Rod & Gun Club: 3
Harbor Boating Club: 0
Oyster Bay Anglers: 0

Lobster Bake
Thursday, August 22, 2013

On Thursday evening, August 22, 2013, the annual Huntington Anglers Lobster Bake was held.  The threat of rain and scattered thunderstorms lit up the sky all day. We must be doing something right because, once again, we were treated to beautiful blue skies with abundant sunshine when the party began.  Speaking of sunshine, our President, Mark Weitman, met us at the gate.  The event drew another great turnout-- over 120 people were in attendance!

There's so much work behind the scenes to pull off such a successful event.  Billy Morrison coordinated the event and has proven, once again, how valuable he is to our club.  We all appreciate the time and dedication it took to make this event happen.  He was fortunate to have the help of Cousin John Petraitis cooking the corn which everyone agrees is the best on Long Island.  This year, hamburgers and hot dogs were added to the menu.  Thanks to Pat Augustine for stepping up and cooking them for us all to enjoy.

And what would a lobster bake be without lobsters?  280 to be exact!  Both Mike Porcelli and his son Mike Jr. have mastered the art of cooking and serving them in a timely fashion.  To their credit, there was never a line and the lobsters were as juicy and fresh as ever.  They make it look very easy but I can tell you that it takes many years of experience.  Mike Jr. is a quick learner and we are very lucky to have them volunteer year after year to make this event as successful as it is.  Lee Kramer is also part of the team serving the lobsters to us for many years.  It just wouldn't be the same without Lee and his orange rubber gloves.  After dinner, we all witnessed a beautiful sunset.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Tommy Lo Verso put on his lighted squid hat.  He definitely brightened up the party with his energy and humor.  A special thanks to Bob and Liz for donating a cosmetic basket to our raffle.  We appreciate their generosity and effort to create such a prize.   Also thank you to the Weitman's for putting together the tackle basket.  It included everything a fisherman would dream of.  As if they weren't already a beautiful couple, the Safarik's won the cosmetic basket.  The tackle basket was won by Sue Kramer whose daughter, Lauren, had quickly taken ownership of the basket (sorry Lee.) 

Thank You to everyone who helped in any way, including the big cleanup at the end of the party!

Summer Shootout Tournament
Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Huntington Anglers Club held their first Summer Shootout Tournament on Saturday, August 10, 2013.  The fishing teams were selected by the Captains. There were a total of 10 boats entered with 30 fisherman. A big thanks to Rob at High Hook Bait and Tackle for generously donating tournament tee shirts to all the participants!

The fishing began at midnight and continued throughout the day.  The deadline for weigh-ins was 4:00pm.  The fish could be weighed in at either High Hook Bait and Tackle or Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle.  Our Club is very fortunate to have great relationships with these local tackle shops.  Once again, the fishing gods gave us a beautiful night and day to fish.  Both Striped Bass and Bluefish were the target of the tournament.  One boat in particular had a very successful trip...Cousin John, along with a crew of Billy Morrison and Fuzzy Bob, were on the fish and registered 4 of the top 6 fish.

Fuzzy Bob kept a close watch on his pole all evening but had to walk away for a minute as nature called.  Cousin John just happened to be walking by the unattended rod as it began to play music to the ears of all anglers, a high pitched scream.  He instinctively picked up the rod and set the hook on the first place Bass weighing in at 29lbs 10oz.  The trio also landed the top three Bluefish with Bill Morrison taking the largest weighing in at 13lbs 15oz.  He just edged out second place finisher, Fuzzy Bob, who weighed in a Bluefish at 13lbs 9oz. Third place went to Cousin John with a 12lb 13oz fish.  This was a good start for Team Petraitis who have some big tournaments coming up in the near future.  The second place Striped Bass belonged to Timi "Hook" Lober weighing in at 16lbs 13oz.  Taking third place with a Bass of 15lbs 14oz was Gordon Johnson.

The after party was held back at the Morrisons' house.  A big thanks to both Judy and Bill Morrison for hosting this event. The food and drinks were as plentiful as they were tasty.  We were also treated to a beautiful pool with the ever so talented Capt. Hook performing his synchronized swimming to the tune of  "We are the Champions."  Speaking of champions, a Boccie Ball tournament was held on the Morrisons' regulation court.  The team of Sarah Weitman and Pete Misilewich were the Queen and King of the court. They moved through all the opposition and then had the satisfaction of beating Scott "What's the Score" Menzies and his partner John "It's my Birthday" Trojan for the title.  Thanks also to Mark Weitman for getting together all the weigh-ins and distributing the prizes.

Congratulations to all the winners!

3rd Annual Florgy Tournament
Sunday, July 28, 2013

On Sunday July 28, 2013 our Annual Florgy Tournament was held.  The ladies and children were treated to a beautiful day as the weather cooperated once again.  The sun broke through the clouds as the tournament began.  As usual, the radio chatter started but it was on the light side as the fish were cooperative and kept everyone busy.  It was nice to see a good turn out which made the competition fierce.  Both the women and children put on a fishing clinic and proved, once again, that our club has some very talented members.  The barbeque was held back at Party Central...the Weitmans' house!  The traditional tiki bar was in operation with the club's mixologist Timi "Hook" Lober at the helm.  This year, Mango Madness was the drink of the day which was garnished with fresh fruit. Timi seems to have a flair for fashion which was evident in not only the drinks but his attire. The weigh-in was held and the prizes were distributed accordingly. Thanks again to both Mark and Cathy for hosting the after party. Check the photo gallery for additional pictures from the party. Here are a list of all the winners:


Porgy Adult Ladies
1st place - Lisa Misilewich 2 lbs. 9 ounces
2nd place - Lauren Gottschalck 2 lbs. 2 ounces
3rd Place - Tie Mary Beth Kacprzycki / Fran Gong  2 lbs. 0 ounces

Porgy Children
1st place - Rosie Barbera 1 lb. 11 ounces
2nd place - Lily Reilly 1 lb. 9 ounces
3rd place - Mary Kanzler 1 lb. 8 ounces

Fluke Adult Ladies
1st place - Fran Gong 2 lbs. 11 ounces
2nd place - Fran Gong 2 lbs. 4 ounces

Four-Way Fishing Derby
Friday, July 19th, 2013 - Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Our bi-annual fishing derby with Mill River Rod and Gun Club, Oyster Bay Anglers, and Harbor Boating Club was held on Friday July 19th through Sunday July 21st, 2013.  A wonderful breakfast was hosted by the Oyster Bay Anglers at the Mill River Rod and Gun Club at 9:00am and the weigh-in followed at 10:00 am.  This friendly competition serves as bragging rights for the winning club until the next derby is held.  The prize- possession of the infamous plaque which is the fisherman's version of the Stanley Cup.  Twenty-five Huntington Anglers represented our club at the breakfast and weigh-in. You could feel the tension building in the room as the deadline for weighing fish was quickly approaching.  At approximately 9:45am the sound of an outboard engine was heard approaching the beach behind the clubhouse.  Members of the Mill River Club had a last minute weigh-in.  Everyone watched as a Striped Bass was brought to the scales-- weighing in at over 20lbs. It brought smiles to the faces of their fellow members.  Those smiles were soon replaced with shock as, once again, the Huntington Anglers Club won with the most total points!  It was definitely a team effort.  Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who fished over the weekend.  Winning this derby is very difficult task and requires both skill and luck. Defending the plaque once you have possession of it is even harder.  Congratulations to The Huntington Anglers Club for a job well done.

Here's the list of the winning fish and the total points:

1st place Pete Misilewich Huntington Anglers11.0 lbs.
2nd place Jon Petraitis Huntington Anglers 10.75 lbs.
3rd place Eric Hilner Oyster Bay Anglers 10.3 lbs.

Striped Bass:
1st place Steve Carroll Mill River 20.5 lbs.
2nd place Timi Hook Lober Huntington Anglers 16.75 lbs.
3rd place Mark Weitman Huntington Anglers 13.55 lbs.

1st place Mark Weitman Huntington Anglers 6.3 lbs.
2nd place Brad Kahler Oyster Bay Anglers 6.1 lbs.
3rd place Cathy Weitman Huntington Anglers 5.7 lbs.

1st place Jon Petraitis Huntington Anglers 2.4 lbs.
2nd place Harry Larsen Huntington Anglers 2.3 lbs.
3rd place Carol Grodoski Harbor Boating Club 2.3 lbs.

Final Point Standings:

Huntington Anglers Club : 16.5
Mill River Rod and Gun Club : 3
Harbor Boating Club : 3
Oyster Bay Anglers : 1.5

Beach Picnic and Corn Roast
Thursday, July 11th, 2013

The Huntington Anglers Club hosted their Beach Picnic and Corn Roast on Thursday July 11, 2013.  The weather was perfect once again... We must be doing something right!  The event had a record turnout and lived up to its reputation as one of the highlights of the year.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it a success, as well as a big thank you to the trio of Jon Petraitis, Bill Morrison, and Mark Weitman.  The food and beverages were plentiful and it was evident, once again, that we have the best corn around thanks to the expertise of Cousin Jon Petraitis.  A special thanks also to our Corresponding Secretary, Tony Vernola, who cut through all the red tape, jumped through every hoop, and was able to secure the necessary permits for us to hold the event.  We are also very fortunate to have one of the oldest kids around, Tommy Lo Verso.  Tommy, at the ripe age of 91, blew his whistle and organized the annual water balloon toss and sack race!   It was great to see all the children involved and having fun.  The spectacular sunset was just the icing on the cake.  The raffle baskets were created by Mark and Cathy Weitman.  Everyone was excited to see who would walk away with these great prizes.  The ladies basket was won by Penny Lowe. Yes... the same Penny Lowe who won the raffle at our Christmas party...she's definitely on a roll!  The raffle for the men's tackle basket had a little more suspense to it.  The winning numbers were called several times before the winner stepped forward!  Just as the crowd began to chant "pull another number,"  suddenly, none other than John Brako woke up and claimed his prize.  Our annual lobster bake is right around the corner and sign-ups will begin shortly. Both Mike Porcelli and Mike Jr. said they were ready for the task and offered to cook all the lobsters once again.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Bill Mazur Memorial Fishing Tournament (Captain & Crew)
Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Bill Mazur Memorial Fishing Tournament, formerly known as the Captain & Crew, was held on Sunday, June 30th, 2013. Like every tournament, the anticipation and excitement was brewing well before the midnight start. The weathermen did their best to try to put a damper on things but Captain Bill made sure that the rain held off and the winds were light.  There were many fish caught including 9 Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, and Porgys which were brought to the weigh-in.  There was the usual chatter on the radio with everyone tight-lipped about what was in their cooler. The weigh-in began promptly at the 2:30pm deadline. Fish after fish hit the scales with one large white cooler left to be opened.  It was guarded by the owner Capt. Hook Lober and his crew John Dicke. They opened the cooler and everyone witnessed as he reached in and handed over the largest fish caught in the tournament.  It was a Striped Bass weighing a whooping 31.8 lbs. Capt. Hook stated that they even lost a bigger one. They also had another Bass in the cooler that weighed over 14 lbs. The largest fish in each species received their prizes as well as the over-all team award. The largest Striped Bass was caught by Capt. Timi Hook Lober at 31.8 lbs, the largest Bluefish was caught by Captain Mark Weitman and weighed in at an even 10.0 lbs.  The largest Fluke was caught by Pete Misilewich on Cousin John Petraitis's boat and weighed in at 4.4 lbs, and the largest Porgy was also caught by Pete Misilewich on Cousin John Petraitis's boat and weighed in at 2.1 lbs. The overall winning team was Captain Timi Hook Lober and his crew John Dicke. Congratulations to all the winners!  Cousin John once again offered to fillet any fish that were caught and did a great job. Vice President Bill Morrison took control of the grill and cooked a wonderful meal. A special thanks to both our President Mark Weitman and his First Lady Cathy who not only hosted the event but shopped and ran around to make sure that a good time was had by all.  At the end of the night a toast was given by Mark to the late Capt. Bill Mazur. Rest in Peace Bill you will never be forgotten...

Spring Party Boat Trip
Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

The Spring Party Boat Trip was held on Sunday June 2nd, 2013.  A quick thanks again to President Mark Weitman for not only organizing the trip but for putting all the coolers together for everyone to enjoy. Everyone arrived at the Celtic Quest in Port Jefferson on time for the 7:00am departure. There were a total of 48 anglers including members and guests.  As the boat headed East a pool was organized for the biggest Fluke and Porgy that would later split the winnings.  It was a very sunny day with seasonal temperatures and increasing winds. These winds were responsible for the loss of John Brako's favorite N.Y. Giant hat....I could see if it was a Yankee hat after the Mets opened up a can of....never mind.  (That would of been an understandable burial at sea.)  The very fast drift caused some pretty nasty tangles which were tended to by our very attentive mates. These trips are always a pleasure and it seems that the camaraderie is more important than the fish that are caught. There are always the sharpies such as Mary Lou, Bob Veit, The Motherways, Weitmans, Morrisons and many others that make winning the pool a very big achievement. Just this week Bill Morrison weighed in a Fluke well over 6lbs. There were many different rigs used, varying in color and style. Everyone seemed to catch fish, but most were shorts and had to be returned. Many personal rods were brought on board but as luck would have it, a boat rod was responsible for the biggest fluke of the day. If you speak with the happy angler Jack Safarik, it was more skill involved. While he fought the fish his wife was cheering him on. It was reported that she broke into a moon walk and said show me the money. We then switched over to Porgy fishing and there were a few just legal size caught. Then a loud commotion erupted from the bow of the boat and the Motherway sisters were into a huge fish later named Porgzilla. This was a fish that proved to be the winner as the biggest Porgy on board. The whistle sounded and the scale began to weigh in all the contenders. Both Jack Safarik and the Motherway sisters were crowned the winners and collected their prize. There is something to be said about fishing all day with many members and friends. When all is said and done, we are all very fortunate to fish together and share something we truly love....

Greenport Fluke Trip
Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Our annual Greenport Fluke trip was held on Sunday, May 5th, 2013.  This event was organized by club President Mark Weitman.  The day started off meeting at the Stop & Shop parking lot in Elwood at 4:45 am. The parade of boat and trailers in tow was lead by Chris Radimer heading East on the long Island Expressway.  After meeting at a local deli for breakfast and other supplies, the boats were launched.  Big Ed Parkinson organized a pool for the biggest Fluke of the day. Everyone began the day with high expectations. The fishing Gods definitely looked down upon us. Captain Mark Weitman with Pete Misilewich had non stop action totaling over 60 fish with 5 keepers. Captain Bill Morrison with Fuzzy Bob and Bob Morbeck on board had similar action totaling 5 keepers with a huge Porgy in the mix. Mike Reilly and friend Rob Gottachalk were also into action with numerous keeper Fluke. Captain Cousin Jon Petraitis with the crew of Scott Menzies and Ed Parkinson cashed in with 8 keeper Fluke. Last but not least Captain Chris Radimer and friend Dennis Roby caught keeper Fluke with Chris taking the pool with a Fluke just under 7lbs. The fish were caught at every depth ranging from 8 feet to 70 feet. The radio chatter between boats was not only interesting but very amusing.  Afterwards everyone met in the parking lot to show off their catch. Not even a stiff East wind and colder than normal temperatures could keep the determined Huntington Anglers down.

Annual Awards Dinner
Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our annual awards dinner was held on Thursday April 11th, 2013 at the Northport Yacht Club. There were over 80 people in attendance to share in the festivities.  Both George Valentine and President Mark Weitman did an excellent job in presenting the awards to members with outstanding catches this past season.  Personalized mugs and custom duffel bags were given to all the monthly winners. Plaques were awarded to the winners of the various derbies held throughout the year. Special awards were presented to Isabel Patterson, Teresa Motherway and Joe Bradbury for winning this years Junior Sportsmanship Awards. The winners of the Adult Sportsmanship Awards went to both Eugene Michalek and John Motherway. Mark Weitman won last season's Most Improved Angler Award. Past President Pete Misilewich was presented a plaque for the 2012 Special Service Award. The Angler Of The Year Award was presented to Jon Petraitis. A special thanks to the Northport Yacht Club for hosting our event. Year after year they continue to do a great job. Congratulations to all last years award winners and good luck this season.

2014 Activities Calendar

Click Here for a Printable Copy of the 2014 Activities Calendar

APRIL 2014     

-Monthly Fish: Flounder

-4 - 14: Flounder Derby - Starts Opening Day $3 entry

-10: Awards Dinner Starts 6PM @ Northport Yacht Club

-18 - 28: Flounder Derby- $3 entry

-23: Monthly Meeting


MAY 2014        

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Fluke, & Flounder

-9 - 19: Flounder, Fluke & Striped Bass Derby- $9 entry

TBA: Greenport Fluke Derby - Details at Meeting

-22: Meet the Commodore Night at  @ 6:30 PM.  Cash Bar. 

-23 - 6/2: Striped Bass & Fluke Derby- $6 entry (Memorial Day Weekend)

-28: Monthly Meeting:


JUNE 2014       

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Fluke, Weakfish, & Porgy-(opens 6/15)

-1:  HAC Spring Party Boat Trip aboard Celtic Quest - Details at Meeting.

-6 -16: Striped Bass & Fluke Derby- $6 entry

-25: Monthly Meeting

-27 - 7/7: Striped Bass & Fluke Derby- $6 entry (4th of July Weekend)


JULY 2014       

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Fluke, Weakfish & Porgy

-6: Captain Bill Mazur Memorial Tournament (Capt & Crew) - Details at Meeting.

-16: Beach Picnic & Corn Roast - 6 PM @ Crabmeadow Beach.
Family affair - Members $7, Guests $10 per person.
Bring own food, Club provides Beer, Soda, Corn, & Clams.

-11, 12 & 13: Bass, Blue, Fluke, & Porgy Contest with Mill River, Harbor Boating, & Oyster Bay Anglers; 9 AM Breakfast; 10 AM weigh-in @ Mill River. 

-11 - 21: Fluke & Porgy Derby- $6 entry

-23: Monthly Meeting                


AUG. 2014        

-Monthly Fish: Fluke, Bluefish, Sea Bass & Porgy

-1 - 11: Bluefish & Fluke Derby- $6 entry

-3: Ladies & Children Tournament - Details at Meeting

-15 - 25: Bluefish & Porgy Derby- $6 entry

-23 & 24: Summer Shoot Out! - Details at Meeting

-27: Lobster Bake @ Centerport Beach @ 6 PM - Details & sign up at July Meeting

-29 - 9/8: Bass, Bluefish, Porgy & Sea Bass Derby - $12 entry (Labor Day Weekend)


SEPT. 2014    

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Sea Bass & Porgy

-19 - 29: Bluefish & Porgy Derby - $6 entry

-TBA: HAC Fall party boat Trip

-24: Monthly Meeting


OCT. 2014        

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Bluefish, & Blackfish (Blackfish season opens 10/5)

-3 - 14: Striped Bass, Bluefish & Blackfish Derby- $9 entry (Columbus Day Weekend)

-3, 4, & 5: Bass, Blue, Blackfish & Porgy Contest with Mill River, Harbor Boating, &  Oyster Bay Anglers; 9 AM Breakfast; 10 AM weigh-in @ Harbor Boating Club.                   
(Host: Huntington Anglers Club)

-17 - 27: Striped Bass & Blackfish Derby- $6 entry

-22: Monthly Meeting: Raffle Ticket Sales Start!!!

-31 - 11/12: Striped Bass & Blackfish Derby- $6 entry (Election Day & Veterans Day)


NOV. 2014        

-Monthly Fish: Striped Bass, Bluefish & Blackfish

-12: Monthly Meeting  


DEC. 2014        

-14: Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party with Santa and Annual Raffle Drawing.
Elks Lodge (4 - 8 PM)


Awards will be presented at Annual Awards Dinner for the heaviest fish caught by:

-Regular Members-Ladies & Men (16 Yrs. & older), Senior Members-Ladies & Men (70 Yrs. & older), Junior Member-Girls & Boys (9 yrs. old & under 16 yrs. old), Peewee Member-Girls & Boys (8 yrs. old & younger), Surf (any Member), Fly Rod (any Member), Professional Anglers (any Member), Any Member for heaviest fish per species - Monthly/Yearly Awards and for Scheduled Derby's. NOTE: On members birthday, you move up to next category for fishing awards only.

-Any Member for Special/Outstanding catches (see below)

Awards are for the heaviest fish in the following species: Flounder, Fluke, Blackfish, Porgy, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, & Cod, with the exception of the Surf Award, which is limited to Striped Bass, Bluefish, & Weakfish. Other surf caught species would be entered directly into the respective category.


- Flounder.............12"
- Sea Bass...........13"
- Porgy (Scup)......10"
- Blackfish.............16"
- Fluke.................18"
- Striped Bass.......28"
- Bluefish..............No minimum
- Weakfish............16"
- Codfish...............22"

**Minimum size & Season will change with N.Y.S.D.E.C. Laws and Regulations

SPECIAL OR OTHER OUTSTANDING CATCHES from L.I. waters but not restricted to local boundaries are also considered for special awards, but not limited to: Codfish - 30 lb., Flounder - 3 lb., Sea Bass - 5 lb., Fluke -10 lb., Porgy - 4 lb., Blackfish - 10 lb., Bluefish - 20 lb., Striped Bass - 50 lb., Yellowfin Tuna - 100 lb., Dolphin - 20 lb., & Bluefin Tuna - 150 lb. Members that Tag & Release may be eligible for a special award. Members that receive a return from their tagged fish will receive an award. Fish caught on Party Boats are eligible for an award within the party boat category and would qualify if:

-Fish was succeeded by a heavier fish within their respective category. (Applies to local waters only.)

-Fish was caught aboard a party boat fishing L.I. waters outside local boundaries.


In order for a fish to be considered for an award the angler must have their dues for the current year paid in full by March 31. Fish weighed in for awards must be caught in a legal and sportsmanlike manner in accordance with IGFA rules including Fly-Fishing. (Exception-wire line and treble hooks are permitted)

A. Members that are Captains or employees of party or charter boats, on duty at time of catch, are eligible for Professional Angler Awards.

B. Charter boats are not considered party boats, and Fares have the same fishing advantage as private boats.


OVERALL AWARDS April 1 - Dec. 15


NORTH SHORE: From the Throggs Neck Bridge to the west, the Middle Grounds located off Port Jefferson to the east, and to the Connecticut shoreline to the north. This makes Huntington Harbor the center of the fishing area. Surf fishermen must also stay within these limits.

SOUTH SHORE: From Deb's Inlet (E.Rockaway Inlet) to the west, Smithpoint Bridge to the east end of Great South Bay; this takes in only the Bays & Inlets of the south shore. NO ocean fishing from boats. Ocean surf fishing allowed within the boundaries.
Note: Most weekly Derbies start at 6 AM on Friday and run for ten days ending at 6PM on the second Monday after starting. This gives the angler two weekend to fish. On Holiday weekends, derbies end Tuesday at 6 PM. Inter-club contests start 6 AM on Friday thru 10 AM on Sunday. Unless otherwise indicated.

Super Pool Derby - April 1st to November 30th!!! $10. per species, open to Huntington Anglers in good-standing only. Largest fish in each category takes it all!
Deadline to sign-up for Flounder - April meeting. Blacks, Blues, Bass, Fluke, Weaks, and Porgies - May meeting.

Derbies - Anyone who wishes to enter any or all Club Derbies for the month, including any that fall during the week of the next monthly meeting must sign-up at the monthly meeting. Entry fee MUST accompany sign-up sheet. No additional sign-up will be accepted until the next monthly meeting. NO EXCEPTIONS!

WEIGH-INS: All local catches eligible for Club awards must be weighed-in at one of the Huntington Anglers Official Weigh Stations:

Bridge Marine, 19 Ludlam Ave, Bayville (516-628-8686)

Cow Harbor B&T, 81 Ft. Salonga Rd, Northport (631-239-1631)

Harbor B&T, 135 New York Ave, Halesite (631-470-8289)

High Hook B&T, 33 New York Ave, Huntington (631-683-4741)

Regal Bait, 192 West 9th St, Huntington Station; and Terminal Tackle, 120 Main St, Kings Park (631-269-6005).

Fish may also be weighed at Club sanctioned tournaments or on any “Certified Scale” and must include a photo of the fish, and include a signed statement of a witness. For fish caught outside local boundaries (not eligible for Derbies), a weigh-in slip must be obtained from a tackle shop, boat captain, marina, or weigh-in station, and have a photo of fish, and signed statement of a witness.

Angler of the Year Award is determined by a points system. In the Top Ten, each member can only enter their heaviest fish per species category. Any fish weighed-in and places in the top ten earn points. At the end of the year, all 1st place fish earn 10 points, 2nd place - 9 points, down to 10th place earning 1 point. Any fish caught while participating in a derby that places in the top ten, will earn double points.


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